Connect to Buy

Connect with new sources to buy inventory

The reduction in new vehicle sales and longer finance terms has created a shortage of late model pre-owned vehicles. Sourcing these vehicles for your customer and stocking your lot with the right product mix has become one of the largest challenges facing dealerships today.

Motobidders Exchange connects you to hundreds of sellers through our mobile, email based LiveNet® auction system. Setup a profile for vehicles to be as specific or varied as you want, and let us bring the vehicles you need right to your inbox.

Get access to other Dealers’ aged inventory, and buy upstream of the physical auction through MarketPlace. Browse, Bid, Buy or Make an Offer 24/7.

Network to Sell

Network with motivated buyers to move trade-ins and aged inventory

Traditionally, dealers have been forced to rely on either a local wholesale connection or a physical auction to move aged and unwanted inventory. This is a time consuming and costly method to dispose of excess inventory.

Motobidders Exchange allows dealers to immediately source hundreds of buyers in, around and outside their local market. Posting a vehicle to LiveNet® ensures optimum exposure in a competitive auction environment that maximizes the value, all from the comfort of their own lot.

Save the time and cost associated with taking vehicles to the physical auction. Post your 60 day vehicles on Marketplace and allow buyers to Browse, Bid, Make an Offer or Buy 24/7. Do all this while still maintaining the vehicle’s exposure on your lot for potential retail opportunities.

Maximise Trade-In

Increase closing rates by maximizing trade-in values

One of the hurdles for any automotive dealer is coming up with a value for a customer’s trade-in. This value must first; satisfy the customer and second; meet what is needed to put the deal together. Potentially, if this value is incorrect it can cause the deal to fall through as the customer is not satisfied with the trade-in value.

Motobidders Exchange provides a highly visible and transparent online auction with LiveNet®. Your sales team works with the customer to create a comprehensive background for their vehicle (including images) which then gets posted to a live 20 minute auction.

Motobidders Exchange’s unique LiveNet® appraisal and auction ensures that your customer see’s your evaluation process as not only fair and transparent but truly open market driven.

Improve Customer Experience

Transparent appraisal process to improve customer confidence

Numerous government regulations have put the onus on the seller to provide complete disclosure to the buyer. Furthermore they have mandated specific information to be completed and made available to potential buyers on any vehicles the seller has available. Many dealerships today lack process for their sales staff to navigate the collection and presentation of this information and fail to obtain full disclosure on the vehicles they bring in on trade.

Motobidders Exchange’s comprehensive and fully compliant, electronic appraisal tool which provides complete vehicle disclosure. Simply follow the on screen work flow to offer a consistent, complete and professional appraisal for every customer that walks in your door. Transparency in the trade-in process builds customer confidence. Increased customer confidence equates to higher closing ratios.

Motobidders Exchange’s integrated disclosure questionnaire ensures that your staff is asking all the right questions, every time.

Standardised Process

Standardised system and process leads to increased efficiencies

Tracking documentation for completed appraisals and associated regulatory forms can be a challenge and costly at key moments during a vehicle transaction. Valuable documents and items that affect the resale of a trade are often forgotten at time of delivery.

Motobidders Exchange manages all forms electronically including the appraisal, regulatory forms and generates the Wholesale Bill of Sale and detailed trade-in checklist to ensure that nothing gets missed when the vehicle is received. Motobidders Exchange provides the process and tools to capture the proper mileage and document that the vehicle is in the same condition it was appraised at. Using the checklist ensures that warranty documents, ownerships and service records are obtained when the trade-in arrives.

Training and support

Hands-on process driven in-store training and support

A system is only as effective as how much it’s utilized. How much a system is utilized depends directly on the people and their level of knowledge on how to use it.

Motobidders Exchange provides initial in-store setup and training, as well as on-going support to maximize adoption among sales staff. Having a structured, repeatable and professional show room process is the key for an overall improves customer experience and reduces the workload of sales management.

Motobidders Exchange employs a fully staffed Deal Desk with over 30 years combined experience in the wholesale car business. They are always available to make sure you get the best result possible.

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