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What is LiveNetTM?

LiveNetTM is a real-time email based online auction tool that gives buyers immediate access to dealer trade-ins and off-lease vehicles. The Motobidders LiveNet tool generates two types of visuals for the vehicle call, allowing you the flexibility to review the vehicle call either on a desktop or a smartphone. Each auction runs for 20 minutes.

What is MarketPlace?

MarketPlace is an online listing of “on-ground vehicles” available for purchase 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes off-lease, rental, and dealer inventory units. As a buyer, you can either make an offer on a listed vehicle or pay the listed price by selecting the “Buy Now” option.

How long is my bid good for?

If you have the winning bid on a vehicle, your bid is good for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the seller may send you a bid extension request via email, and you may inform the seller whether or not you are still interested in purchasing the vehicle.

Can I submit a late bid during an auction?

Although you can submit a bid after an auction is closed, the system will not consider you to be the winning bidder on that vehicle. In the event that the seller would like to offer you the vehicle, the **Help Desk?** will contact you with the seller’s required dollar amount to do the deal.

If I purchase a vehicle, when can I pick it up?

You can pick up a vehicle or have it shipped to you any time after the vehicle is confirmed “on ground” at the selling dealership and the system has generated a valid Wholesale Bill of Sale (WBOS).

Buyers are asked to pick up any booked vehicles within 6 working days of receiving confirmation that the unit has landed at the selling dealership.

Funds must be paid to the seller before a vehicle is authorized to leave the selling dealership.

What do I do if I forgot my user name?

If you have forgotten your username, please contact the DealDesk at 0411 630 001 or Typically your username is the email address you provided when you signed up to the system.

Note: You can view the list of user names for your company by clicking My Store in the top menu, then select the Store User tab.

How do I change my Password?

1. Select My Account in the top menu, then click Settings.
2. Update your new password.
3. Click the Save button.

How do I turn off email notifications when I am away?

1. Select My Account from the top menu, then click Settings.
2. Select Communication Preferences in the left-side menu.
3. Under the Disable System Messages heading, enter the start and end dates of your vacation time.
4. Click the Save button to save your settings.

How do I place a bid?

Simply click the Reply button from your email, listing the vehicle and enter a bid amount.

DO NOT: Include your name, any $ signs and/ or decimals. You can increase your bid at any time within the auction timeline and bidding is in increments of $100.

Example: 4500 (not $4500 or Peter bids $4500 or 4,500)

What if I have a question about the deal during the auction?

Anytime within a live auction, the buyer can reply back to any one of the system messages related to that specific auction with the word question (then space) and type the question they have about the deal. The system pushes the message to the Selling Dealer and the Motobidders DealDesk for a quick response.

Example: Question (space) does the vehicle come with winter tires?

Will I receive confirmation to my bidding?

You will receive confirmation to every bid. The system will notify you if you are the top bidder, if your bid was below the current top bid and/or if your bid was outbid. The top bidder will receive confirmation at the end of every auction. If the buyer was successful with their bid to purchase the vehicle the buyer will receive a booking confirmation and notification to when the vehicle will be ready for pick up (the estimated date of landing). The Seller will also send out a DRAFT copy of the Wholesale Bill of Sale (WBOS) (available online).

During an Auction, can I find out what the current top bid is?

Anytime within the live auction and as long as you have placed a bid already the buyer can reply back to any one of the system messages related to that specific auction with the words “top bid” and the system will reply back with the current top bid.

How long is my bid good for?

All bids are good for 48hrs (excluding Sundays and Holidays). Our Bid Extension feature allows the Selling
Dealer to book vehicles past the 48hrs only after receiving confirmation by the top bidder.

When do I pick up the vehicle I purchased?

When a booked vehicle lands at the Selling Dealership, the manager will complete the Vehicle Checklist and the Buyer is notified by email that the vehicle is ready to go. At this time you will receive the updated Wholesale Bill of Sale (WBOS) (also available online).

At your earliest convenience please proceed to pick up the vehicle (within a max. of 6 business days). Its encouraged that your speak with the Seller Dealer to work out a time that’s best for all parties involved and review the vehicle call if necessary.

Are there different types of auctions? And what is the length of time for these auctions?

Appraisal LiveNet Auctions 22 minute auction

To ensure the dealer has a number to work with while the customer is still in the store, the appraisal auction is limited to 22 minutes.

Inventory Auctions Seller has the option for a 20min, 2hr, 4hr or 8 hour auction

How is my Buy Fee Collected? What is the Buy Fee Amount?

Automated Billing occurs the following month of your vehicle purchase(s). All vehicle transactions can be reconciled through your online access.

Please note: the Buy fee is in addition to the bid price and the buyer pays the vehicle purchase price directly to the Selling Dealership. Certified Funds may be required by the Selling Dealer but only if requested.

$150 Buy Fee for Vehicle Purchases above $5000
$75 Buy Fee for Vehicle Purchases below $4999

If I need assistance or have a question about a deal, who can I contact?

If you need any assistance please contact our experienced Representatives during normal Business hours. Alternatively you can refer/click on the Motobidders Terms and Conditions at the bottom of our webpage however you must be logged into the system.

Feel free to contact us at:

Ty Sedgman
Implementation Specialist
Phone : 0425 897 334

Jamie Melvin
Business Development Manager
Phone : 0411 630 001

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Ty Sedgman
Implementation Specialist
Phone : 0425 897 334

Jamie Melvin
Business Development Manager
Phone : 0411 630 001

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