How It Works

Simplifying the Process


LiveNet® is a unique mobile auction platform that allows a seller to blast a vehicle call out to an unlimited number of buyers, wherever they are. These 20 minute mobile auctions allow buyers to bid without the need of any installed software.


MarketPlace is a powerful web auction platform, where every vehicle offered for sale is indexed and accessible via our fully featured search tool. Auction types include Make an Offer, Fixed Time Bidding, or Buy It Now Pricing.

Multipurpose Software


  • Live, 20-minute email based online auction.
  • Auction vehicles announced to profiled buyers.
  • Buyers get a detailed description of the vehicle within seconds.
  • Multiple bids will be received on the vehicle.
  • Guarantees best market value from interested buyers.


  • Longer duration auctions for moving aged inventory.
  • Post inventory you select to sell to a restricted network of profiled buyers.
  • Buyers can Browse, Make an Offer, Bid or Buy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The comprehensive inventory management tool allows you to easily identify vehicles you need to sell with Real-time alerts.
  • Save the time and cost of taking vehicles to the physical auction.

Appraisal Tool

  • Unique appraisal process ensures your sales staff can capture maximum information in a minimum amount of time.
  • Appraise your customers’ trade-ins with complete confidence that the regulatory requirements are being satisfied.
  • Easily launch trade appraisals to waiting buyers.
  • Comprehensive and customizable.
  • Allows you to treat all your customers with a trade in a consistent, professional manner

Connect to Buy

Connect with new sources to buy inventory

Network to Sell

Network with motivated buyers to move trade-ins and aged inventory

Maximise Trade-In

Increase closing rates by maximizing trade-in values

Improve Customer Experience

Transparent appraisal process to improve customer confidence

Standardised Process

Standardized system and process leads to increased efficiencies

Training and support

Hands-on process driven in-store training and support

How it helps

Save Time

Reach out to interested buyers immediately.

Expanded Market

Connect with buyers & sellers outside your local area.

Close More Deals

Higher trade-in values helps win more deals.

Manage Inventory

Makes inventory acquisition and disposal easy.

Get Access

Access to trade-ins, dealer inventory & off-lease.

Be Compliant

Appraisal tool meets all regulatory requirements.

Go Paperless

Electronic documents replace hand-written forms.

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