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Motobidders is pleased to announce some of the New features to our LiveNet Auctions. These features are now live within the system:

Rounded Bids Amount

All bids must now be submitted in increments of $100.

  • Please note, if a bid of $5050 is submitted, the amount will not be accepted and the system will register the bid amount for $5000.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for a bid that is sent from your email address so please be careful before you hit the send button. “A Bid Laid is a Bid Played”
  • We would like to thank everyone for their continued support of the Motobidders Network. If you have any questions about the new features to the network and/or accessing the website please don’t hesitate to contact our DealDesk Team for assistance.

Proxy Bidding

Bidders will now be allowed to submit a Max Bid amount (no need to rebid unless your Max Bid has been exceeded.

  • Bidders will still have the ability to submit a starting bid amount (i.e. 5000). However, at any time in the ‘live auction’, the Bidder can submit a Max Bid Amount, by replying to the auction notification(s) with the word “Max” space and the amount the bidder wishes to submit (i.e. Max 8000).
  • Our network will submit a bid on the bidders behalf by increments of $100 on the highest bid currently placed in the system to your Max Bid Amount.
  • We will not submit the full amount of your Max Bid unless the Max Bid Amount is exceeded by another Bidder.
  • If your Max Bid amount is exceeded and there is su?cient time left in the auction, the Bidder can resubmit a Max Bid Amount.

Booking Ratio Program

A Sellers Booking Percentage will be provided at the top of every vehicle call.

  • The LiveNet call will display the Booking % for the past 60 days activity for the Seller Dealer. Any new dealers will display a 0 % ratio until they have had 60 days on the Network.

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