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Trades come in different than they were appraised (wheels, additional damage, etc)

Motobidders appraisal makes it simple to compare the condition and appearance of a vehicle between the time the vehicle was appraised and the time it comes in on delivery

Inconsistent Trade appraisal

By simply following the on screen prompts your dealership will offer a consistent, complete, professional appraisal for every customer that walks in your door

Missing keys

Missing keys costs your dealership thousands of dollars each year. Motobidders Global’s built in trade-in checklist assists your staff in remembering to obtain all the keys

Missing documentation

Valuable documents that affect the resale of a trade are often forgotten at time of delivery. Using the checklist ensures that warranty documents, ownerships and service records are obtained when the trade comes in

Incomplete Trade in disclosures

Failure to obtain full disclosures on a trade can result in unnecessary risk on trade in vehicles. Motobidders Global’s integrated disclosure questionnaire ensures that your staff are asking all the right questions, every time.

Hard to track down original appraisals when customer makes a subsequent visit

By storing all appraisals electronically, any subsequent visit by a customer with a trade makes getting up to speed on a prior appraisal quick and easy

Lost deals due to lack of customer confidence in trade value

Motobidders Global’s unique Livenet appraisal auction ensures that your customer see’s your valuation as not only fair, but above and beyond what your competitors offer. Close more deals!

Time spent communicating on phone

Calling wholesalers for calls on trades is inefficient, by using Livenet your Used Car manager can efficiently and effectively get calls from dozens of interested wholesale buyers

Ownerships being chased for buyers

By using Motobidders Global’s appraisal process you ensure that ownerships are present, no more time spent chasing down ownerships weeks after the vehicle is wholesaled

Inventory replacement is harder and harder as supply shrinks

According to Industry experts, quality used vehicle supply is rapidly drying up and is not expected to recover in the near Future. Your store needs to take advantage of Motobidders Global’s unique vehicle sourcing to continually find the vehicles you need to populate your lot.

No visibility into remote store inventory

Groups and affiliated stores can access each other’s inventory in an efficient and informative manner using Marketplace. By creating custom groups within Motobidders, you can now offer inventory including details and pricing with sister stores real time.

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