Uses for the Car owner

To be the seller

Maximizing the Value of your Trade today

What’s your trade-in really worth?

Gone are the frustrating days of having to negotiate a value for your trade-in. Our dealership can now help you get the best price for your trade-in by offering it for sale to hundreds of buyers who are looking to purchase your vehicle today.

  • Sell your vehicle in a live auction in as little as 20 minutes—while you wait
  • Curb the anxiety of getting the best market value for your trade-in
  • Don’t pay a cent: the entire process is FREE

This dealership is committed to providing an open, customer-friendly process, making it easy get the best price for your trade-in.

How it works

  1. Your sales representative will enter your vehicle’s information, condition and history into the system.
  2. Your vehicle is listed for sale in a live, 20-minute auction.
  3. Interested buyers get a detailed description of your vehicle within seconds.
  4. Multiple bids will be placed on your vehicle, guaranteeing you the best market value.
  5. With your acceptance of the highest bid, we will process the sale of your trade-in and complete the purchase of your new vehicle.

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Implementation Specialist
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Business Development Manager
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