Uses for the Dealerships

Real-time auctions without the fumes.

Join the Motobidders Network

Motobidders provides tools and networks that simplify the vehicle acquisition and disposal process, saving dealers time and money.

It’s now easier than ever to sell your off-lease, trade, and lot inventory:

  • Win more trades by selling vehicles instantly online to hundreds of qualified buyers
  • Feel confident with a system that is MVDA compliant
  • Buy and sell vehicles outside your traditional trading area without leaving your dealership

LiveNet™ Auctions

Our online live auction platform is easy to use:

  1. Enter the vehicle’s information, condition, and history into the system.
  2. List the vehicle in a live, 20-minute auction.
  3. Interested buyers get a detailed description of the vehicle within seconds.
  4. Multiple bids will be placed on the vehicle, guaranteeing you the best market value.
  5. Acceptance of the highest bid means the vehicle is sold.


MarketPlace is an exclusive online network that provides you with the marketing
tools to buy or sell inventory, rental and off-lease vehicles. MarketPlace
transactions occur 24/7, upstream from physical auctions.

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